Renew your Membership for 2019 - 2020

There are three ways to renew your Barnet U3A membership: either renew your membership online, complete a printed membership renewal form, and return, with your cheque and SAE, to the address on the back of the form, or bank transfer.

Renew Online

Online renewal for 2019/2020 will be available from November 1st

Log in to the Members’ Portal.  Payment can be made either via a credit or debit card or you can select the option to make a  Paypal payment – as a guest or with a personal Paypal account.

Please look at this guide to online renewals before going to the Portal.  To login you will need :

  1. Barnet U3A  Membership Number (it is on your membership  card)
  2. Forename
  3. Surname
  4. Postcode
  5. E-Mail address

Barnet University of the Third Age

Barnet University of the Third Age Barnet U3A offers people no longer in full-time employment an opportunity for life-long learning, friendship and hopefully some fun. The key aims of BarnetU3A are: To encourage and enable older people no longer in full-time paid employment to help each other to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experience. To demonstrate the benefits and enjoyment to be gained and the new horizons to be discovered in learning throughout life. To celebrate the capabilities and potential of older people and their value to society. Does this describe you? Are you retired or semi-retired?Interested? Please contact us.  Contact Barnet U3A

Social Media

Activities for everybody

Do you want to be active (socially, mentally, physically)? Would you like to join one or more of our many special interest groups? Would you enjoy outings to theatres and concerts or visits to Stately homes? Then Barnet U3A is for you! 

1800+ Members

Founded in 2007 Barnet U3A (BU3A), set up at the end of 2007, has grown very rapidly and the current membership is just over 1550.


200 Interest Groups

There are nearly 200 groups from which to choose. The meetings are at convenient times and at venues all around the northern part of Barnet. Costs are low because our activities are organised by our members who freely share their skills and expertise. Once a month we have a general meeting open to all members where we normally have a guest speake

Right-Side of your Brain

The right-side of the brain is reputedly the artistic and creative centre. Do you want to stimulate your brain’s right hemisphere then Barnet U3A  is for you. 

Barnet U3A has at the last count

  • 16 groups discussing Art and associated handicrafts.
  • 18 groups devoted to Music or Theatre
  • 19 groups focusing on History

Left-Side of your Brain

The left-side of the brain is the centre for logical thinking, mathematical reasoning and language processing.  Do you want to stimulate your brain’s left hemisphere then Barnet U3A  is for you. Barnet U3A has

  • 17 English Language and Literature Groups
  • 17 groups learning a foreign language
  • 8 groups discussing philosophy, politics and the world
  • 5 groups discissing science and technology

Fun-Side of your Brain

Barnet U3A is NOT a university. We have a wide range of groups engaged in what might be called leisure activities:

  • 3 Gardening Groups
  • 11 Groups covering every popular Board and Card Game
  • 26 Groups where you can go on  long or short Walks, learn Pilates or Tai-Chi, practise Ballroom , Balkan or hone up your ukulele  skills

Outings, Trips and Cruises

Barnet U3A has an absolutely brilliant Outings and Trips team. All through the year they offer  an incredible range of activities:

  • Visits to Country Homes
  • Trips to wonderful Gardens
  • Short breaks
  • Cruises to Europe

Monthly Meetings

The next Monthly Meeting is on Thursday March 5th


followed by

Priva Singh 

Priya’s talk will be about  “Noah’s Ark Hospice”

Tea/Coffee from 9.45. Talk  at 10.30.

 Venue: Ewen Hall, Wood Street, Barnet, EN5 4BW 



The Monthly Meeting is always on the first Thursday of the month. It begins at 9.45 am in Ewen Hall where tea/coffee and biscuits are available. The talk starts at 10.30 am.
In the hall, you can book Outings, find out about new groups from the Groups team, discover what is happening in the London U3A region and get computer/phone/tablet help if you need it. The membership team are on duty to answer queries and register new members.

Non members are welcome to come to these meetings, to find out more about Barnet U3A

How to find Ewen Hall