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The list is in Alphabetical order by Group name. If you wish you can just browse through the list. Click Next at the bottom of the page to see the next section of the list.
Please contact the group coordinator for further details by using the form on our Contact Us page

Barnet u3a is committed to the principles of inclusion and is taking  positive steps to remove the barriers members  face because of a disability.


Every group   provides accessibility information. 

We have classified the access facilities in every venue we use according to the following codes.  

 PVHL: Public venue, fully accessible with a hearing loop

PV: Public venue, fully accesible but without a hearing loop

PVAL: Public venue, access limited

O: Outdoors

MH: Member’s Home Acesss Variable

Z: Online


The list can be searched by entering a keyword e.g History, Shakespeare, etc

Please note – a number following a group name is a means of differentiating similar groups and does not refer to the level of expertise.

Aerobics (Low Impact)LindaPVMondayWeeklyVacancies
Android GroupBarbaraPVWednesdayMonthly Week 1Vacancies
Antiques and collectiblesJanetPVThursdayMonthly Week 4Vacancies
Art Appreciation 2RachelMHTuesdayWeeks 2 & 4Vacancies
Art History - 5NicolaMHFridayWeeks 2 & 4Full
Art History & Appreciation 3SusanMHMondayMonthly Week 3Full
Art History & Appreciation 4PeterPVMondayWeeks 2 & 4
AstronomyAnneAs and WhenAs and Whenvacancies
BackgammonJanePVThursdayWeeks 2,4Vacancies
Balance & Coordination 1AnnePVWednesdayWeeklyFull
Balance & Coordination 2AnnePVWednesdayWeeklyVacancies
Balkan Folk DancingIrene PVFridayMonthly Weeks 2 &4Vacancies
Book Group 1AlisonPVSundayMonthlyVacancies
Book Group 2MaryOThursdayMonthly Week 4 Full
Book Group 3KatharineMHMondayMonthly Week 2
Book Group 5JoannaMHWednesdayMonthly Last WeekVacancies
Book Group 6DennisPVFridayMonthly Week 1Full
Book Group 7HelenPVMondayMonthly Week 4Vacancies
Book Group 8Tass PVTuesdayMonthly Week 2Vacancies
Book Group Non-FictionAnneMHThursdayMonthly Last Week Vacancies
Bowls OutdoorsChrisOMondayWeeklyVacancies
Bridge for BeginnersSue & JurekPVTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Bridge - ImproversJohnZTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Bridge - IntermediateVicPVFridayweekly
Bridge IntermediateBrendaZFridayWeeklyVacancies
Bridge -Online TutorialsJohnZThursdayWeeklyFull
Bridge u3a Team EventMarisaZSundayMonthly Week 1
Bridge u3a Team EventJohnZModayMonthly Week 4
CalligraphyDianePVALMondayMonthly Weeks 1 & 3Vacancies
ChessRameshPVWednesdayMonthly Weeks 1 & 3Vacancies
Cinema AppreciationRosemaryZTuesdayMonthlyVacancies
Climate Change and EnvironmentIreneMHTuesdayMonthly week 3 Vacancies
Comparative ReligionsDanutaMHFridayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
Concert GoersMartha-AnnePVHLAs and WhenAs and When
Creative Writing 1GrahamMHMondayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
Creative Writing 2JanetPVMondayMonthly Week 3Full
CrochetYvonnePVMondayMonthly Week 1 &3Full
Cryptic CrosswordsYvonnePVWednesdayWeeks 2 & 4Vacancies
Current Affairs 1SylviaMHTuesdayWeeks 2 & 4Full
Current Affairs 2VictorZFridayMonthly Week 3
Current Affairs 4SandraMHTuesdayMonthly Week 2
Current affairs 5StuartMHWednesdayMonthly Last WeekVacancies
Current Affairs 6JuliaMHFridayMonthly Week 2Vacancies
Current Affairs 8ShirleyPVWednesdayFortnightlyVacancies
Current affairs 9AnnePVTuesdayWeeks 1 &3Vacancies
CyclingPeterOTuesdayWeeks 2 & 4Vacancies
DartsMalkaPVFridayMonthly Week 1Vacancies
DebatingAndreaMHWednesdayEvery 8 weeks approximatelyVacancies
Decorating for ChristmasAverillZMondayAs and WhenFull
Digital Photography 1JimPVWednesdayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
EgyptologyLornaPVTuesdayMonthly Weeks 2 & 4Full
European HistoryIvorMHThursdayMonthly Week 1Full
European History 2JudithZThursdayAlternate WeeksVacancies
Exploring Shakespeare 5MarshaPVALWednesdayMonthly Week 2Full
Family History 1DerekMHWednesdayMonthly Week 3Full
French Conversation 4RolandMHThursdayWeeklyVacancies
French conversation 2PennyMHWednesdayAlternate WeeksFull
French for beginners/ImproversJeffreyZMondayWeeklyVacancies
French for Improvers 1JeffreyPVWednesdayMonthly Weeks 2 & 4Vacancies
French Fluent SpeakersJeffreyPVFridayWeeklyVacancies
French Group 5JuliaMHWednesdayWeeklyFull
French ReadingJackyMHMondayFortnightly
Fringe Theatre (Mainly)MaureenPVWednesday/ThursdayMonthlyVacancies
Fringe Theatre 8CharlotteThursdayMonthlyVacancies
Fringe Theatre 2JohnPVWednesdayFull
Fringe Theatre 3JaniePVALSaturdayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
Fun & Games 2MarjoriePVTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Fun and Games 1` AnnePVFridayWeeklyVacancies
Gardening 1JanettePVMondayMonthly Week 1
Gardening 2EveMHWednesdayMonthly Week 3
Garden VisitsRichardOTuesdayMonthly Week 2
German ConversationCharmianPVThursdayWeekly except week 1Full
German Conversation 2BarbaraPVTuesday Monthly Week 2Full
German for Beginners MarkPVFridayBi-weekly Full
Greek ClassicalGerryZMondayWeeklyVacancies
Greek Classics in TranslationTanyaMHTuesdayWeeks 1 &3Full
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZMonday Weekly
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZThursdayWeekly
GuitarCarolynMHWednesdayWeekly1 & 3Full
History of Britain 1IanMHTuesdayAlternate Weeks
History of Britain 2YvonneMHFridayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
History - Local 1Fiona & Jean MHFridayMonthly Last WeekFull
History - Local 2AverillOAs and When
History of London 1MickPVTuesdayWeeks 1 &3Vacancies
History of London 3LindaPVALFridayMonthly (Last Friday)
History of Medicine 2JoannaMHWednesdayMonthly week 2Vacancies
History - MedievalMargaretZThursdayAlternate WeeksVacancies
History of Roman BritainJenniferPVThursdayMonthly Week 3Full
History, European 20th CenturyIvorMHThursdayMonthly Week 1
Ipad Users SuzettePVALTuesdayWeeks 1 & 3Full
Italian for Beginners plus (Pre Intermediate)PhilippaPVTuesdayWeeks 1 & 3
Italian for beginnersAgnesZThursdayWeeks 2 & 4Full
Italian for beginners 2GillianPVTuesdayFortnightlyFull
Italian Conversation Higher LevelSilvanaZMondayWeeklyFull
Italian Conversation Intermediate SilvanaZMondayWeeklyFull
Jazz AppreciationMalkaPVMondayFortnightlyVacancies
Jewellery 2DianeMHFridayWeeks 1 & 4Full
Jewellery Making 1PatMHTuesdayFortnightlyVacancies
Knitting CreativelyValPVWednesdayWeek 1Vacancies
Latin (GCSE & Above)SilvanaZThursdayWeeklyVacancies
Line Dancing for BeginnersLindaPVHLTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Line Dancing Advanced LindaPVHLTuesdayWeeklyFull
Mahjong 1AngelaMHMondayWeekly
Mahjong 2MaggyPVWednesdayWeeklyFull
Mahjong 3Martha-AnneMHTuesdayWeekly
Mahjong 5AvrilMHThursdayWeekly
Members on their own (MOTO)JoycePVMondayWeeks 1 &3Vacancies
Modern Greek ConversationAnnZThursdayWeeklyVacancies
Music Appreciation 3DerekPVMondayFortnightlyVacancies
Music Appreciation 2SandraMHMondayFortnightly
Music MasterclassRalphTuesday
Natural History GroupSylviaOThursdayWeek 3Vacancies
PhilosophyStuartMHMondayWeeks 1 &3Vacancies
Phoenix CinemaSuePVWednesdayWeeklyFull
Piano PlayingKeithMHWednesdayWeeklyFull
Pilates 1LeonPVMondayWeeklyVacancies
Pilates 2LizPVThursdayWeeklyFull
Pilates 3 DerekPVTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Pilates 4LizPVThursdayWeeklyVacancies
Pilates 5 Chris PVMonday WeeklyFull
Pilates 6JoZTuesdayWeeklyFull
Play Reading 2RuthMHMondayMonthly Week 2Full
Play Reading 3JennieMHThursdayMonthly Week 3Full
Poetry Reading 1ElizabethMHMondayWeeks 2 & 4
PsychologyYvonneMHThursdayMonthly Week 4Vacancies
Real Ale GroupJohnPVThursdayMonthly Week 2Full
Remarkable Women 1PaulineMHMondayWeeks 1 &3Full
Remarkable Women 2RhodaPVWednesdayMonthly Last of monthVacancies
Science & Technology 1JuliaMHMondayMonthly Week 1
Science and Technology 2HilaryMHFridayMonthly Week 2Vacancies
Scrabble 2Shiela
Scrabble 3MarjoriePVTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Shakespeare 4CarolinePVHLMondayWeeks 2 & 4Full
Shakespeare Exploring 1FlaviaMHThursdayWeeks 2 & 4Vacancies
Shakespeare Exploring 5MarshaPVALWednesdayMonthly Week 2
Short walksPennySundayAlternate WeeksVacancies
Spanish for Beginners 1ElainePVALTuesdayFortnightly Full
Spanish for Improvers 1ThereseMHThursdayWeeks 2 & 4Full
Spanish for Improvers 2RosemaryMHWednesdayWeeks 2 & 4Vacancies
Spanish IntermediateAileenMHTuesdayWeeklyFull
Spanish Intermediate/advancedPaulMHFridayWeeklyFull
Spanish Teach ourselvesAnnMHWednesdayWeeks 2 & 4Full
Table TennisChrisPVWednesdayWeeklyVacancies
Table TennisChrisPVTuesdayWeeklyVacancies
Tai Chi 1 IntermediateSuePVTuesdayWeekly Term TimeFull
Tai Chi 2 IntermediateMargaretPVWednesday Weekly Term TimeFull
Tai Chi 3 IntermediateSuePVTuesday Weekly Term TimeFull
Tai Chi 4 IntermediateSuePVWednesdayWeekly Term TimeFull
Tai Chi 5 Beginners SuePVTuesdayWeekly Term TimeVacancies
Tap dancingHazelPVALMondayWeekly
Ten pin bowlingAngelaPVWednesdayWeekly
Ukulele 1RalphO/PVALWednesdayMonthly Week 3
Ukulele 2RalphO/PVALWednesdayMonthly Week 3
Walks All DayJenniferOThursdaySummer onlyVacancies
Walk Capital RingLaurence / Peter OWednesdayMonthly Waiting List
Walks London History 1AverillOWednesdayMonthly Week 2Vacancies
Walks London History 1 (Z)AverillZThursdayMonthly Week 4Vacancies
Walks London History 2Martha-AnneOThursdayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
Walks London History 2 (Z)Martha-AnneZThursdayMonthly Week 4Vacancies
Walks London History 3DanielOTuesdayMonthly Week 1Vacancies
Walks - Longer 2LindaOWednesdayMonthly Week 1Vacancies
Walks - Longer 3KevinOMondayMonthlyVacancies
Walks MediumJohanna & BarbaraOThursdayFortnightlyVacancies
Walking NordicDianeOFridayWeeklyVacancies
Walks ShortPennyOSundayFortnightlyVacancies
Wine Appreciation Group 2AlanMHWednesdayMonthly Week 3Vacancies
Wine Appreciation 1LynneMHThursdayMonthlyFull
World War 2CatherinePVThursdayWeek 3Vacancies