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Aerobics (Low Impact)LindaMondayWeekly2:00 PM
Android GroupBarbaraZWednesdayMonthly Week 112:00 PM
Antiques and collectiblesJanetD
Art Appreciation 2MaggyZTuesdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PM
Art History - 5DanutaZFridayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PM
Art History & Appreciation 3SusanZMondayMonthly Week 310:30 AM
Art History & Appreciation 4PeterZMondayWeeks 2 & 4
Art History & GalleriesPaulD
Balance & Coordination 2AnneWednesdayWeekly2:15 PM
Balkan Folk DancingIreneZFriday10:30 AM
Beginners' GermanPennyF
Book Group 1AlisonZSundayMonthly2:00 PM
Book Group 2MaryZThursdayCurrently every 3 weeks4:00 PM
Book Group 3KatharineZMondayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Book Group 4ShirleyFMonday
Book Group 5JoannaZWednesdayMonthly Last Week10:00 AM
Book Group 6JaniceZFridayMonthly Week 110:00 AM
Book Group 7HelenZMonday2:00 PM
Book Group 8DeniseZTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Book Group 9CeliaDTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Bowls Indoors 1JeffD
Bowls Indoors 2JeffD
Bowls OutdoorsMickOTuesdayWeekly2:00 PM
Bridge - IntermediateDavid & MarisaBFridayweekly09:45 AM
Bridge for BeginnersSue & JurekZ BTuesdayWeekly9:45 AM
Bridge IntermediateBrendaDFridayWeekly01:45 PM
Cinema AppreciationRosemaryZTuesdayMonthly3:00 PM
Climate Change and EnvironmentAnneZWednesday Monthly week 3 11.00am
Comparative ReligionsMaryZFridayMonthly Week 310:30 AM
Concert GoersMartha-AnneD
Creative Writing 1GrahamDMondayMonthly Week 33:00 PM
Creative Writing 2JanetZMondayMonthly Week 33:00 PM
Cross StitchIreneF
Cryptic CrosswordsYvonneZFridayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AM
Current Affairs 1SylviaFridayWeeks 2 & 411:00 AM
Current Affairs 2VictorZFridayMonthly Week 302:30 PM
Current Affairs 3TriciaF
Current Affairs 4SandraZTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Current affairs 5StuartZWednesdayMonthly Last Week10:00 AM
Current Affairs 6JaniceZFridayFortnightly11:00 AM
Current Affairs 8ShirleyZWednesdayMonthly Weeks 1 & 2 10:00 AM
Current affairs 9DianeZTuesdayWeeks 1 &32:30 PM
CyclingPeterOTuesdayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AM
DebatingAndreaZWednesdayEvery 8 weeks approximately1:30 PM
Decorating for ChristmasAverillZMondayAs and When3:00 PM
Digital Photography 1JimZWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00 AM
Digital Photography 2 & EditingSueZMondayWeeks 2 & 410:30 AM
Draw and Paint, Learning How toJanetD
EgyptologyLornaZTuesdayMonthly Week 410:00 AM
English to GCSE levelRosalynFWednesday
European HistoryIvorThursdayMonthly Week 12:00 PM
European History 2JudithZThursdayAlternate Weeks10:30 AM
Exploring Shakespeare 5MarshaZWednesdayMonthly Week 212:00 PM
Family History 1DerekZWednesdayMonthly Week 311:00 AM
Family History 2RuthZTuesdayMonthly Week 22:30PM
Flower ArrangingAngelaDThursdayEvery 2 months2:00 PM
French 4RolandD
French Conversation & LiteratureJudithDWednesday
French conversation 2PennyZWednesdayAlternate Weeks12:00 PM
French Conversation 3DianaDThursday
French Conversation 6 interim levelJeffreyZFridayWeekly11:00 AM
French Conversation 7JeffreyZWednesdayWeekly10:30 AM
French Conversation for beginnersJeffreyZThursdayWeekly11:00 AM
French for beginnersJeffreyZWednesdayWeekly10:30 AM
French for beginnersJeffreyZWednesdayWeekly2:00 PM
French for beginnersJeffreyZMondayWeekly1:00 PM
French Group 5JuliaZWednesdayWeekly10:30 AM
French Literature (Reading)DebbieF
Fringe Theatre (Mainly)MaureenDAs & When
Fringe Theatre 1F
Fringe Theatre 6PatriciaDWed/Thurs
Fringe Theatre 7ValD
Fringe Theatre 8CharlotteZThursdayMonthly3:00 PM
Fringe Theatre 2PeterDWednesday12:00 PM
Fringe Theatre 3JanieD
Fun & Games 2MarjorieTuesdayWeekly2:00 PM
Fun and GamesAnneDFriday
Garden VisitsRichardD
Gardening 2PatZWednesdayMonthly Week 410:15 AM
German ConversationCharmianZThursdayWeekly except week 1
German for BeginnersPennyFFriday
German IntermediateYvonneD
Grandparents TalkingValerieZWednesdayMonthly2:00 PM
Greek ClassicalGerryZMondayWeekly11:30 AM
Greek Classics in TranslationTanyaZTuesdayWeeks 1 &311:00 AM
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZMonday and ThursdayWeekly03:00 PM
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZFridaysWeeks 2 & 403:00 PM
GuitarCarolynZWednesdayWeekly 2 & 404:00 PM
History of Britain 1IanZTuesdayAlternate Weeks02:00 PM
History of Britain 2LindaD
History - Local 1FionaZFridayMonthly Last Week4:00 PM
History - Local 2AverillD
History of London 1MickZTuesdayWeeks 1 &310:00 AM
History of London 2MaggieFThursday
History of London 3LindaDFridayMonthly (Last Friday)
History of London 4PhilippaFThursday
History of Medicine 2JoannaZWednesdayMonthly week 210:00 AM
History - MedievalMargaretZThursdayAlternate Weeks2:45 PM
History of Roman BritainJenniferDThursday
History, European 19th CenturyIvorZThursdayMonthly Week 102:00 PM
iPad User Group 2SueZMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AM
Ipad Users SuzetteZTuesdayWeeks 1 & 310:15 AM
Italian for Beginners plus (Pre Intermediate)PhilippaZTuesdayWeeks 1 & 310:30 AM
Italian ConversationJoFThursday
Italian for beginnersAgnesZThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PM
Italian Higher IntermediateSilvanaZMondayWeekly12:00 PM
Italian Lower Intermediate 1SilvanaZMondayWeekly9:30 AM
Italian Lower Intermediate 2SilvanaZMondayWeekly1:00 PM
Jazz AppreciationMalkaDMondayBy email every Monday10:00 AM
Jewellery 2DianeFridayWeeks 1 & 42:00 PM
Jewellery1LindaZTuesdayAlternate Weeks10:10 AM
Jewish HistoryStephanieD
Knitting CreativelyValZWednesdayWeek 102:00 PM
Latin (GCSE & Above)SilvanaZThursdayWeekly12:00 PM
Line DancingLindaTuesdayWeekly2:00 PM
Line Dancing 2LindaTuesdayWeekly3:30 PM
Listening to Musicals & OperettasJenniferD
Mahjong 1AngelaDMonday
Mahjong 2MaggyD
Mahjong 3Martha-AnneD
Mahjong 4SusanneD
Mahjong 5Avril
Members on their own (MOTO)JoyceZMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AM
Modern Greek ConversationAnnZThursdayWeekly3:00 PM
Monthly LunchesAudreyDWednesday
Music Appreciation 3DerekZMondayFortnightly2:00 PM
Music Appreciation 1MichaelDTuesday
Music Appreciation 2SandraZMondayFortnightly02:00 PM
Music MasterclassRalphDTuesday
Nature History GroupSylviaDThursday
NeedleworkMarionWednesdayWeeks 1,2,33:00 PM
Needlework 2BerylDWednesday
Needlework 3IreneFMonday
PhilosophyStuartZMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AM
Phoenix CinemaSueWednesdayWeekly11:00 AM
Piano PlayingKeithD
Pilates 1LeonZMondayWeekly3:00 PM
Pilates 2LizZThursdayWeekly3:30 PM
Pilates 3 DerekZTuesdayWeekly3:30 PM
Pilates 4LizZThursdayWeekly2:00 PM
Pilates 5 & 6Jo/SandraZMonday & TuesdayWeekly02:00 PM
Pitch & PuttBrianDWednesday
Play Reading 1MaeveF
Play Reading 2RuthZMondayMonthly Week 210:00 AM
Play Reading 3JennieZThursdayMonthly Week 31:30 PM
Play Reading 4HenryDMonday
Poetry 2JohanneZThursdayMonthly Week 311:30 AM
Poetry Reading 1ElizabethZMondayWeeks 2 & 42:30 PM
PsychologyYvonneThursdayMonthly Week 410:00 AM
Reading AloudRuthDMonday
Real Ale GroupJohnThursdayMonthly Week 25:00 PM
Remarkable Women 1PaulineMondayWeeks 1 &311:00 AM
Remarkable Women 2RhodaDWednesday
Remember WhenBerylD
Roman BritainJenniferD
Science & Technology 1JuliaZMondayMonthly Week 12:30 PM
Science and Technology 2HilaryZFridayMonthly Week 211:00 AM
Scrabble 1 (Evening)JenniferDMonday
Scrabble 2ValerieD
Scrabble 3MarjorieTuesdayWeekly2:00 PM
Shakespeare 4CarolineZMondayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AM
Shakespeare Exploring 1FlaviaDThursday
Shakespeare Exploring 2AubreyFThursday
Shakespeare Exploring 5MarshaZWednesdayMonthly Week 212:00 PM
Short walksPennyDSundayAlternate Weeks10:30 AM
Singing for pleasureHazelF
Spanish for Improvers 1ThereseZThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PM
Spanish IntermediateAileenZTuesdayWeekly10:30 AM
Spanish Intermediate/advancedPaulZFridayWeekly2:00 PM
Spanish Teach ourselvesAnnZWednesdayWeeks 2 & 402:00 PM
Supported Weight LossMartha-AnneZTuesdayMonthly10:30 AM
Table TennisChrisD
Tai Chi 1 SueTuesdayWeekly Term Time10:00 AM
Tai Chi 2MargaretWednesday Weekly Term Time11:00 AM
Tai Chi 3 SueTuesday Weekly Term Time10:00 AM
Tai Chi 4 SueWednesdayWeekly Term Time10:30 AM
Tai Chi 5 SueTuesdayWeekly Term Time12 Noon
Tap dancingHazelD
Ten pin bowlingAngelaD
Theoretical InvestmentColinDMonday
Ukulele 1RalphZWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00 AM
Ukulele 2RalphZWednesdayMonthly Week 302:00 PM
UpcyclingPennyZThursdayMonthly10:00 AM
Walks All DayJenniferD
Walks London History 1Averill ZWednesdayMonthly Week 2 AM
Walks London History 3DanielTuesdayMonthly Week 111:00 AM
Walks - Longer 2MaryOWednesdayMonthly10:15 AM
Walks - Longer 3KevinOMondayMonthly10:00 AM
Walks MediumJohannaOThursdayFortnightly10:30 AM
Walking NordicDianeOFridayWeekly01:30 PM
Walks ShortPennyOSundayFortnightly10:30 AM
Wine Appreciation Group 2AlanD
Wine Appreciation 1LynneZThursdayMonthly6:30 PM
World War 2MarionDWednesdayWeeks 1,2,33:00 PM