History Groups


Art History 2MaggyTuesdayWeekly 2 & 42:00pmArts & Handicrafts
Art History and Appreciation 3SusanMondayMonthly Week 310:30amArts & Handicrafts
Art History and Appreciation 4PeterMondayWeekly 2 & 4pmArts & Handicrafts
Art History 5DanutaFridayMonthly Week 12.00pmArts & Handicrafts
EEgyptologyLornaTuesdayWeekly NOT Week 310:30amHistory
FFamily History 1DerekWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00amHistory
Family History 2RuthFridayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
HistoryBrianTuesdayWeek 3TBAHistory
History - Local 1Fiona and JeanFridayMonthly Last Friday2:00pmHistory
History - Local 2AverillMondayMonthly Week 211:00amHistory
History - European 19th Century 1IvorThursdayMonthly Week 12:00pmHistory
History -20th CenturyBobFridayMonthly Week 22:00pmHistory
History - MedievalMargaretThursdayMonthly Week 21:30pmHistory
History of Britain 1IanTuesdayAlternate Weeks2:00pmHistory
History of Britain 2LindaFridayMonthly Week 32:00pmHistory
History of London 1MikeTuesdayWeeks 1 & 32:30pmHistory
History of London 2MaggieThursdayMonthly Week 311:00amHistory
History of London 3Linda or SusanFridayMonthly last Week11:00amHistory
History of London 4PhilippaThursdayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
History of Medicine 2JoannaWednesdayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
History of Roman BritainJenniferThursdayMonthly Week 311:00amHistory
Jewish HistoryStephanieWednesdayWeek 42.30pmHistory
London History Walks 1AverillWednesdayMonthly Week 2amOutdoor & Active
London History Walks 2Martha-AnneThursdayMonthlyamOutdoor & Active
London History Walks 3DannyTuesdayMonthly, Week 1amOutdoor & Active
NNature History WalksSylviaThursdayMonthly Week 310:00amOutdoor & Active
Remarkable Women 1PaulineMondayWeeks 1 & 310:00amHistory
Remarkable Women 2RhodaWednesdayMonthly Week 42:00pmHistory
Remarkable Women 3PennyThursdayMonthly Week 410:00amHistory
TransportMartinWednesdayMonthly Week 110:30amHistory
World War IIMarionFridayMonthly last week11.00amHistory

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