BU3A Groups

How to use the list of Groups for Saturday or Sunday

The list is in Alphabetical order by Group name. If you wish you can just browse through the list. Click Next at the bottom of the page to see the next section of the list.


The list can be searched by entering a keyword e.g History, Shakespeare, etc


The table below shows the groups which are currently available. It also shows which groups have Vacancies and which are Full.

Every group   provides accessibility information. 

We have classified the access facilities in every venue we use according to the following codes.  

PVHL: Public venue, fully accessible with a hearing loop

PV: Public venue, fully accesible but without a hearing loop

PVAL: Public venue, access limited

O: Outdoors

MH: Member’s Home, access varies

Z: Online

Book Group 1JennyPVSundayMonthly Week 22:00 PMVacancies
Bridge u3a Team EventMarisaZSundayMonthly Week 13:30 PM
French Fluent Speakers 2JeffreyPVSaturdayMonthly Weeks 1 and 310:30 AMVacancies
Fringe Theatre 3JaniePVALSaturdayMonthly Week 302:30 PMVacancies
Short walksPennyOSundayAlternate Weeks10:30 AMVacancies
Sunday LunchesPatPVSundayMonthly PMVacancies
Walks ShortPennyOSundayFortnightly10:30 AMVacancies