BU3A Groups

How to use the list of Groups for Wednesday


The list is in Alphabetical order by Group name. If you wish you can just browse through the list. Click Next at the bottom of the page to see the next section of the list.


The list can be searched by entering a keyword e.g History, Shakespeare, etc


The table below shows the groups which are currently available. It also shows which groups have Vacancies and which are Full.

Every group   provides accessibility information. 

We have classified the access facilities in every venue we use according to the following codes.  

PVHL: Public venue, fully accessible with a hearing loop

PV: Public venue, fully accesible but without a hearing loop

PVAL: Public venue, access limited

O: Outdoors

MH: Member’s Home, access varies

Z: Online

Aerobics (Low Impact)LindaPVMondayWeekly2:00 PMFull
Android/Tablet Users 1BarbaraPVWednesdayMonthly Week 111:00 AMFull
Antiques and Collectables 1JanetPVThursdayMonthly Week 41:30 PMVacancies
Art Appreciation 2RachelMHTuesdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PMVacancies
Art History - 5NicolaMHFridayMonthly Week 2 2:00 PMFull
Art History and Appreciation 3SusanMHMondayMonthly Week 310:30 AMFull
Art History and Appreciation 4AlisonPVMondayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PM
AstronomyAnneAs and WhenAs and WhenPM Evenings after darkvacancies
BackgammonJanePVThursdayWeeks 2,410:30 AMVacancies
Balance and Coordination 1AnnePVWednesdayWeekly1:45 PMFull
Balance and Coordination 2AnnePVWednesdayWeekly3:00 PMVacancies
Balkan Folk DancingIrene PVFridayMonthly Weeks 2 &410:00 AMVacancies
Ballet - Silver SwansPennyPVMondayWeekly2:30 PMFull
Book Group 1JennyPVSundayMonthly Week 22:00 PMVacancies
Book Group 2MaryMHThursdayMonthly Week 4 10:15 AMFull
Book Group 3SueMHMondayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Book Group 5JoannaMHWednesdayMonthly Last Week10:00 AMVacancies
Book Group 6Diana PVFridayMonthly Week 111:00 AMFull
Book Group 7HelenPVMondayMonthly Week 42:00 PMFull
Book Group 8Tass PVTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AMVacancies
Book Group 9 CrimeBarbaraMHMondayMonthly Week 203:00 PMFull
Book Group 10 CrimeDianePVTuesdayMonthly Week 31.30 PMFull + Waiting List
Book Group Non FictionAnneMHMondayMonthly Week 210:30 AMVacancies
Bowls OutdoorsDerekOMondayWeekly2:00 PMVacancies
Bridge for BeginnersSue & JurekPVTuesdayWeekly9:45 AMVacancies
Bridge Improvers (Tues)JohnZTuesdayWeekly09:45 AMVacancies
Bridge - IntermediateVicPVFridayweekly01:45 PM
Bridge online tutorialsJohnZThursdayWeekly10:00 AM
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Bridge IntermediateDavid/MarisaZFridayWeekly09:15 AMVacancies
Bridge u3a Team EventMarisaZSundayMonthly Week 13:30 PM
CalligraphyDianePVALMondayMonthly Weeks 1 & 3Vacancies
Calligraphy 2LorettaMHMondayMonthly Week 411:00 AMVacancies
CanastaJanPVThursdayWeekly1:30 PMFull
ChessRameshPVWednesdayMonthly Weeks 1 & 303:00 PMVacancies
Choir/Singing GroupSheilaPVWednesdayWeekly10:30 AMFull
Cinema AppreciationRosemaryZTuesdayMonthly3:00 PMVacancies
Climate Change/EnvironmentIreneMHTuesdayMonthly week 3 13:00 PMVacancies
Comparative ReligionsDanutaMHFridayMonthly Week 310:30 AMVacancies
Creative Writing 1GrahamMH PVMondayMonthly Week 33:00 PMVacancies
Creative Writing 2JanetPVMondayMonthly Week 33:00 PMFull
Cribbage 1 MartinPVMondayMonthly Week 1&32:00 PMVacancies
Cribbage 12MartinPVWednesdayMonthly Week 1&312:00 PMVacancies
CrochetYvonnePVMondayMonthly Week 1 &312:00 PMFull
CroquetLyndaOTuesday & ThursdayWeekly01:45 PMVacancies
Cryptic CrosswordYvonnePVWednesdayWeeks 2 & 402:00 PMVacancies
Current Affairs 1SylviaMHTuesdayWeeks 2 & 410:30 AMFull
Current Affairs 2VictorMHFridayMonthly Week 302:30 PM
Current Affairs 4SandraMHTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Current Affairs 6JuliaMHFridayMonthly Week 211:30 AMVacancies
Current Affairs 8DianePVWednesdayFortnightly10:30 AMFull
Current affairs 9AnnePVTuesdayWeeks 1 &310:30 AMVacancies
CyclingPeterOTuesdayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AMVacancies
DartsMalkaPVFridayMonthly Week 1 & 312:45 PMFull
Digital Photography 1Linda PVWednesdayMonthly Week 311:30 AMVacancies
EgyptologyLornaPVTuesdayMonthly Weeks 1,2 ,4 &510:30 AMFull
Family History 1DerekMHWednesdayMonthly Week 311:00 AMFull
French Conversation 4RolandPVTuesdayWeekly1:00 PMVacancies
French for beginners/Improvers 1WaltraudZMondayWeekly01:00 PMVacancies
French for beginners/Improvers 2JeffreyPVThursdayWeekly, Not week 110:30 AMVacancies
French for Improvers 1JeffreyPVFridayBi-Weekly1:30 PMVacancies
French Fluent Speakers 1JeffreyPVFridayWeekly11:00 AMVacancies
French Fluent Speakers 2JeffreyPVSaturdayMonthly Weeks 1 and 310:30 AMVacancies
French Conversation 5JuliaMHWednesdayWeekly10:30 AMFull
French ReadingJackyMHMondayFortnightly2:00 PM
Fringe Theatre 2JohnPVWednesdayQuarterly12:00 PMFull
Fringe Theatre 3JaniePVALSaturdayMonthly Week 302:30 PMVacancies
Fun and Games 1` AnnePVFridayWeekly1:30 PMVacancies
Fun and Games 2MarjoriePVTuesdayWeekly2:00 PMVacancies
Gardening 1JanettePVMondayMonthly Week 12:00 PM
Gardening 2EveMHWednesdayMonthly Week 310:30 AM
Gardening 3Philip PVThursdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Gardening 4LizPV/O/MHThursdayMonthly Week 3variesVacancies
Gardening VisitsRichardOTuesdayMonthly Week 2
Kenneth ZThursdayWeekly12:00 AMVacancies
German ConversationCharmianMHThursdayWeekly except week 110:00 AMVacancies
German Conversation 2BarbaraPVTuesday Monthly Week 211:00 AMFull
German for Beginners 1RogerPVTuesdayMonthly Week 1 & 3 10:00 AMVacancies
German for ImproversEileenPVFridayBi-weekly 1:30 PMWaiting LIst
Golf- Short HoleMikeOWednesdayWeekly10:00 AMFull
Greek ClassicalGerryZMondayWeekly11:30 AMVacancies
Greek Classics in TranslationTanyaMHTuesdayWeeks 1 &311:00 AMFull
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZMonday Weekly11:00 AM
GuitarCarolynMHWednesdayWeekly1 & 304:00 PMFull
History of Britain 1PeterMHTuesdayAlternate Weeks02:00 PMFull
History of Britain 2YvonneMHFridayMonthly Week 302:30 PMVacancies
History European 2JuliaZThursdayAlternate Weeks10:30 AMVacancies
History - Local 1Fiona & Jean MHFridayMonthly Last Week2:00 PMFull
History - Local 2AverillOAs and When
History of London 1MickPVTuesdayWeeks 1 & 3 2:00 PM Week 1
Week 3 AM
History of London 3LindaPVALFridayMonthly (Last Friday)AMFull
History of Medicine 2JoannaMHWednesdayMonthly week 210:00 AMVacancies
History - MedievalMargaretZThursdayAlternate Weeks2:45 PMVacancies
History of Roman BritainJenniferPVThursdayMonthly Week 311:00 AMFull
History – EuropeanIvorMHThursdayMonthly Week 102:00 PM
Italian for Beginners plus (Pre Intermediate)PhilippaPVTuesdayWeeks 1 & 310:30 AM
Italian Lower IntermediateAgnesZThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PMFull
Italian for beginners 2GillianPVTuesdayFortnightly2:00 PMFull
Italian Conversation Beginners (not Intermediate) SilvanaMHMondayWeekly09:30 AMFull
Italian Conversation Advanced LevelSilvanaMHMondayWeekly11:00 AMFull
Italian Conversation Intermediate levelSilvanaMHMondayWeekly12:15 PMFull
Jazz AppreciationMalkaPVMondayFortnightly02:00 PMVacancies
Jazz Band/ Pop/BluesPhillipVariousThursdayMonthly11:00 AMVacancies
Jewellery Making 2DianeMHFridayWeeks 1 & 32:00 PMFull
Jewellery Making 3JeanettePVFridayWeeks 1 10:00 AMFull
Jewellery Making 1PatMHTuesdayFortnightly10:00 AMVacancies
Knitting 1VeronicaPVTuesdayMonthly Week 12:00 PMVacancies
Latin (GCSE & Above)SilvanaMHThursdayWeekly12:00 PMVacancies
Line Dancing for BeginnersLindaPVHLTuesdayWeekly3:45 PMFull
Line Dancing Advanced LindaPVHLTuesdayWeekly2:30 PMFull
Mahjong 1AngelaMHMondayWeekly2:00 PM
Mahjong 2MaggyPVWednesdayWeekly2:30 PMFull
Mahjong 5AvrilMHThursdayWeekly2:00 PM
Members on their own (MOTO)JoycePVMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AMVacancies
Natural History GroupSylviaOThursdayWeek 310:00 AM Vacancies
Needlework 1MarionMHTuesdayFortnightly10:30 AMFull
Out & About 1SuePVThursdayMonthly Week 2
Out & About 2SandraPVThursdayVariesVariesVacancies
PaintingLesleyPVTuesdayWeekly01:30 PMVacancies
MHMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AMVacancies
Piano MasterclassRalphPVTuesdayAs and When
Piano PlayingKeithMHWednesdayWeekly11:00 AMFull
Pilates 1LeonPVMondayWeekly2:00 PMFull
Pilates 2LizPVThursdayWeekly2:25 PMFull
Pilates 3 DerekPVTuesdayWeekly2:15 PMFull
Pilates 4LizPVThursdayWeekly12:30 PMFull
Pilates 5 Chris PVMonday Weekly03:15 PMFull
Pilates 6JoZTuesdayWeekly02:00 PMFull
Pilates 7
(jan 2023)
LizPVWednesdayWeekly10:30 AMFull
Pilates 8LizPVWednesdayWeekly11:45 AMFull
Pilates 9LizPVMondayWeekly10:30 AMFull
Pilates 10 - ChairAngelaPVWednesdayWeekly11:00 AMVacancies
Play Reading 2RuthMHMondayMonthly Week 210:00 AMFull
Play Reading 3JennieMHThursdayMonthly Week 31:30 PMFull
Play Reading 5HenryMHTuesdayMonthly Week 12:30 PMFull
Poetry Reading 1ElizabethZoomMondayWeeks 2 & 42:30 PM
PsychologyYvonneMHThursdayMonthly Week 410:00 AMVacancies
Real Ale GroupJohnPVThursdayMonthly Week 26:30 PMFull
Remarkable Women 1PaulineMHMondayWeeks 1 &310:00 AMFull
Remarkable Women 2RhodaPVAs and WhenAs and WhenAs and WhenVacancies
RummikubGrahamPVWednesdayWeekly1:30 PMVacancies
Science & Technology 1JuliaMH ZoomMondayMonthly Week 12:30 PM
Science and Technology 2HilaryPVFridayMonthly Week 210:30 AMVacancies
Scrabble 2Shiela
PVTuesdayWeekly1:00 PMVacancies
Scrabble 3MarjoriePVTuesdayWeekly2:00 PMVacancies
Shakespeare (Exploring) 4CarolinePVHLMondayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AMFull
Shakespeare (Exploring) 1FlaviaMHThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:30 PMVacancies
Shakespeare (Exploring) 5MarshaPVALTuesdayMonthly Week 212:00 PMFull
Short walksPennyOSundayAlternate Weeks10:30 AMVacancies
Singing for PleasureJohanne PVWednesdayWeekly02:00 PMFull
Spanish for Beginners Stage 2TerencePVALTuesdayFortnightly 2:00 PMFull
Spanish for ImproversThereseMHThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PMFull
Spanish for Improvers 2RosemaryMHWednesdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PMVacancies
Spanish - IntermediateAileenMHTuesdayWeekly10:30 AMFull
Spanish (Intermediate/Advanced)PaulMHFridayWeekly2:00 PMFull
Sunday LunchesPatPVSundayMonthly PMVacancies
Table Tennis 1ChrisPVWednesdayWeekly02:00 PMVacancies
Table Tennis 2ChrisPVTuesdayWeekly10:00 AMVacancies
Tai Chi 1 IntermediateSuePVTuesdayWeekly Term Time10:00 AMFull
Tai Chi 2 IntermediateSuePVWednesday Weekly Term Time09:30 AMVacancies
Tai Chi 3 IntermediateSuePVTuesday Weekly Term Time11:00 AMFull
Tai Chi 4 IntermediateSuePVWednesdayWeekly Term Time10:30 AMVacancies
Tap dancingHazelPVALMondayWeekly01:00 PM
Ten pin bowlingAngelaPVWednesdayFortnightly10:30 AM
Ukulele 1RalphO/PVALWednesdayWeekly10:15 AM
Ukulele 2RalphO/PVALWednesdayWeekly02:15 PM
Ukelele 3 BeginnersRalphO/PVALWednesdayWeekly04:00 PM
Walks All DayChristineOThursdaySummer only10:00 AMVacancies
Walks Thames PathLaurence / Peter OWednesdayMonthly 9:30 AMWaiting List
Walks London History 1AverillOWednesdayMonthly Week 211:00 AMVacancies
Walks London History 2Martha-AnneOThursdayMonthly Week 311:00 AMVacancies
Walks London History 3DanielOTuesdayMonthly Week 111:00 AMVacancies
Walks - Longer 2LindaOWednesdayMonthly Week 110:15 AMVacancies
Walks - Longer 3KathrynOMondayMonthly10:00 AMVacancies
Walks – MediumCatherineOThursdayFortnightly10:30 AMVacancies
Walking (Nordic)DianeOFridayWeekly01:30 PMVacancies
Walks ShortPennyOSundayFortnightly10:30 AMVacancies
Wine Appreciation 2NigelMHWednesdayMonthly Week 37:30 PM Vacancies
Wine Appreciation 1LynneMHThursdayMonthly Last Week6:30 PMFull
World War IICatherinePVThursdayWeek 310:30 AMVacancies
Yoga 1PennyPVThursdayWeekly02:00 PMVacancies
Yoga -ChairLindaPVThursdayWeeks 2,3,411:45 AMFull