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AAerobics (Low Impact)LindaMondayWeekly2pmOutdoor & Active
Alexander TechniqueJudyThursdayWeekly2pmOutdoor & Active
Android/Tablet Users 1BarbaraWednesdayMonthly Week 111.00amScience, Technology And Computers
Antiques & Collectables 1JanetTuesdayMonthly1.30pmArts & Handicrafts
Art History 2MaggyTuesdayWeekly 2 & 42:00pmArts & Handicrafts
Art History and Appreciation 3SusanMondayMonthly Week 310:30amArts & Handicrafts
Art History and Appreciation 4PeterMondayWeekly 2 & 4pmArts & Handicrafts
Art History 5DanutaFridayMonthly Week 12.00pmArts & Handicrafts
BBackgammonTonyThursdayFortnightly10:30amBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Balance and Coordination 1AnnaMondayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Balance and Coordination 2AnnaWednesdayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Balance and Coordination 3AnnaFridayWeekly4:30pmOutdoor & Active
Balkan Folk DancingIreneFridayMonthly10:00amOutdoor & Active
Bobbin Lace (Beginners)PamelaAs and When MonthlyArts & Handicrafts
Book Group 1AliSundayMonthly Week 22:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 2MaryThursdayMonthly Week 410:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 3KatharineMondayMonthly Week 210:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 4ShirleyMondayMonthly Week 12:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 5JoannaWednesdayMonthly Last Week10:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 6JaniceFridayMonthly Week 111:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 7HelenMondayMonthly Week 42:30pmEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 8IngridTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 9TBAFridayMonthly10:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Bowls - Indoors (Short Mat) 1JeffMonday and Tuesdayweekly3.15pm 7:30pmOutdoor & Active
Bowls - Indoors (Short Mat) 2JeffMonday and Fridayweekly2.00pm 7:00pmOutdoor & Active
Bowls - OutdoorsMickTuesdayWeeks (Summer)2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Bridge for Beginners and Intermediate PlayersDavidFridayWeekly10:00amBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Bridge for BeginnersSueTuesdayweekly10:30amBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Bridge Intermediate PlayersBrendaFridayweekly1:45pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
CCanastaSheilaThursdayweekly1:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
ChessRameshWednesdayWeeks 2 & 43:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Cinema AppreciationRosemaryAs and WhenMonthlyCinema, Music And Theatre
Concert-GoersMartha-AnneAs and WhenCinema, Music And Theatre
Creative Writing 1JeanMondayMonthly Week 310:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Creative Writing 2JeanMondayMonthly Week 33:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Creative Writing for Beginners and NewcomersJeanMondayMonthly Week 13:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Comparative ReligionsMaryFridayMonthly Week 110:30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Cross StitchIreneMondayMonthly2.00pmArts & Handicrafts
Cryptic CrosswordYvonneTuesdayMonthly Weeks 2 and 42.30pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Current Affairs 1SylviaTuesdayWeekly 2 & 410:30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 2VictorFridayMonthly Week 32:30pmDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 3TrishaThursdayMonthly Week 42:30pmDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 4SandraTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 5StuartWednesdayMonthly Last Week10:00amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 6JaniceFridayMonthly Week 211:00amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 7CaroleWednesdayMonthly Week 11:00pmDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 8ShirleyThursdayMonthly10.30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 9DianeTuesdayFortnightly10.30amDiscussion & Philosophy
CyclingPeterTuesdayWeeks 2 & 409:30amOutdoor & Active
DDartsMalka , JudyFridayMonthly Week 111.00amOutdoor & Active
DebatingAndreaWednesdayWeekly As and WhenamDiscussion & Philosophy
Digital PhotographyJimWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00amScience, Technology And Computers
Digital Photography 2SueMondayWeeks 2 & 410:30amScience, Technology And Computers
Digital Photography - EditingSueMondayMonthly Week 110:00amScience, Technology And Computers
EEgyptologyLornaTuesdayWeekly NOT Week 310:30amHistory
English - to GCSE LevelRosalynWednesdayweekly11:00amEnglish Language & Literature
FFamily History 1DerekWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00amHistory
Family History 2RuthFridayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
Flower ArrangingAngelaThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00pmArts & Handicrafts
French for BeginnersJeffFridayFortnightly10.3Foreign Languages
French Conversation & LiteratureJudithWednesdayweekly10:30amForeign Languages
French Conversation 2PennyWednesdayWeeks 1 & 310:30amForeign Languages
French Conversation 3DianeThursdayAlternate Weeks2:00pmForeign Languages
French Conversation 4RolandThursdayweekly10:30amForeign Languages
French Conversation 5JuliaWednesdayweekly10:30amForeign Languages
French Conversation 6JeffFridayFortnighly10.30amForeign Languages
French Conversation 7JeffWednesdayAlternate Weeks
French Literature (Reading)DebbieMondayAlternate Weeks2:00pmForeign Languages
Fringe Theatre 1RuthSaturdayMonthly Week 1pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 2PeterWednesdayAs and WhenpmCinema, Music And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 3JanieSaturdayMonthly Week 3pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 6PatriciaWednesdayWeekly As and Whenpm/eveCinema, Music And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 7ValMonthly As and WhenpmCinema, Music And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 8CharlotteThursdayMonthly Week 3 As and When2.00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Fringe Theatre (mainly)MaureenAs and whenMonthly As and WhenCinema, Music And Theatre
Fun and GamesAnnFridayweekly1.00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Fun and Games 2MarjorieTuesdayWeekly2.00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
GGardening Visits 1ClaireMondayMonthly10:30amGardening
Gardening Visits 2PatWednesdayMonthly Week 410:15amGardening
Gardening Visits 3RichardTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30amGardening
German for BeginnersPennyFridayWeekly1.30 pmForeign Languages
German ConversationCharmianThursdayWeekly (Not week 1)10.00amForeign Languages
German - Intermediate 1GreteMondayweekly10:30amForeign Languages
German - Intermediate 2YvonneFridayWeeks 2 & 42:00pmForeign Languages
Grandparents TalkingValWednesday as agreedMonthly10:30amSocial and Events
Greek - ClassicalTBAThursdayWeekly - not Week 110:30amForeign Languages
Greek Conversation Modern (basic level)AnnMondayWeeks 2 & 411:00amForeign Languages
Guitar GroupCarolynWednesdayFortnightly4:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
HistoryBrianTuesdayWeek 3TBAHistory
History - Local 1Fiona and JeanFridayMonthly Last Friday2:00pmHistory
History - Local 2AverillMondayMonthly Week 211:00amHistory
History - European 19th Century 1IvorThursdayMonthly Week 12:00pmHistory
History -20th CenturyBobFridayMonthly Week 22:00pmHistory
History - MedievalMargaretThursdayMonthly Week 21:30pmHistory
History of Britain 1IanTuesdayAlternate Weeks2:00pmHistory
History of Britain 2LindaFridayMonthly Week 32:00pmHistory
History of London 1MikeTuesdayWeeks 1 & 32:30pmHistory
History of London 2MaggieThursdayMonthly Week 311:00amHistory
History of London 3Linda or SusanFridayMonthly last Week11:00amHistory
History of London 4PhilippaThursdayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
History of Medicine 2JoannaWednesdayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
History of Roman BritainJenniferThursdayMonthly Week 311:00amHistory
HorologyWednesdayMonthly Week 32:00pmArts & Handicrafts
IIpad Users 1SuzetteTuesdayWeeks 1 & 311.00amScience, Technology And Computers
Ipad Users 2SueMondayMonthly Week 310.30amScience, Technology And Computers
Italian for BeginnersAgnesThursdayWeeks 1& 32:00pmForeign Languages
Italian for Beginners plus (Pre intermediate)PhilippaTuesdayWeeks 1& 311:00amForeign Languages
Italian ConversationJoThursdayWeekly 2 & 42:00pmForeign Languages
Italian Conversation Intermediate/Advanced ASilvanaMondayWeekly9.30- 10.30amForeign Languages
Italian Conversation Intermediate/Advanced BSilvanaMondayWeekly12.00-13.00pmForeign Languages
Italian Conversation Intermediate/Advanced CSilvanaMondayWeekly13.00-14.00pmForeign Languages
JJazz AppreciationMalkaMondayFortnightly2:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Jewellery Making 1LindaThursdayFortnightly9.30 amArts & Handicrafts
Jewellery Making 2DianeFridayFortnightly2.00-4.00pmArts & Handicrafts
Jewish HistoryStephanieWednesdayWeek 42.30pmHistory
KKnitting CreativelySarahWednesdayMonthly Week 13:00pmArts & Handicrafts
LLatin (GCSE & Above)SilvanaThursdayWeekly12.00-13.30pmForeign Languages
Learning to Draw & PaintJanetThursdayFortnightly!0:30amArts & Handicrafts
Line DancingLindaTuesdayWeekly1.30-3.00pmOutdoor & Active
Listening to Musicals and OperettasJenniferThursdayMonthly Week 43:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
London History Walks 1AverillWednesdayMonthly Week 2amOutdoor & Active
London History Walks 2Martha-AnneThursdayMonthlyamOutdoor & Active
London History Walks 3DannyTuesdayMonthly, Week 1amOutdoor & Active
MMah Jong 1PaulineMondayweekly2:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Mah Jong 2PaulineThursdayweekly2:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Mah Jong 3PaulineTuesdayweekly2:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Mah Jong 4PaulineThursdayweekly2:00-4:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Mah Jong 5PaulineThursdayweekly2:00-4:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Members on their Own (MOTO)JoyceMondayWeeks 1 & 310:30amSocial And Events
Monthly LunchesAudreyWednesdayMonthly Week 312:30pmSocial And Events
Music Appreciation 1MichaelTuesdayweekly10:30amCinema, Music And Theatre
Music Appreciation 2SandraMondayFortnightly2:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Music Appreciation 3DerekMondayFortnightly2:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Music MasterclassRalphUsually TuesdayWeekly As and WhenamCinema, Music And Theatre
NNature History WalksSylviaThursdayMonthly Week 310:00amOutdoor & Active
Needlework 1MarionTuesdayMonthly Week 110:00amArts & Handicrafts
Needlework 2BerylWednesdayMonthly Week 110:30amArts & Handicrafts
Needlework 3IreneMondayMonthly Week 42:00pmArts & Handicrafts
Nordic WalkingDianeFridayWeekly1:30pmOutdoor & Active
OOld Time Music HallCaroleWednesdayMonthly Week 410:00Cinema, Music And Theatretre
Out and About 1SusanMonthly As and WhenamOutdoor & Active
Out and About 2PaulineMonthly As and WhenamOutdoor & Active
PPhilosophyStuartMondayWeeks 1 & 310.30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Phoenix CinemaSueMondayweeklyVariesEnglish Language & Literature
Piano PlayingKeithWednesdayWeekly2.30pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Pilates 1LeonMondayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 2LizThursdayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 3DerekTuesdayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 4LizThursdayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 5JoTuesdayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 6SandraTuesdayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Pitch & PuttBrianClosed for WinterOutdoor & Active
Play Reading 1Sue/MaeveWednesdayMonthly Week 22:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Play Reading 2RuthMondayMonthly Week 210:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Play Reading 3Jennie and EileenThursdayMonthly Week 31.45pmEnglish Language & Literature
Play Reading 4HenryMondayMonthly Last WeekEnglish Language & Literature
Poetry Reading 1ElizabethMondayWeekly 2 & 42:30pmEnglish Language & Literature
Poetry Reading 2JohannaThursdayWeek 311:30amEnglish Language & Literature
RReading AloudRuthMondayFortnightly10/12 noonEnglish Language & Literature
Real Ale Group (RAG)JohnThursdayMonthly Week 26:30pmSocial And Events
Remarkable Women 1PaulineMondayWeeks 1 & 310:00amHistory
Remarkable Women 2RhodaWednesdayMonthly Week 42:00pmHistory
Remarkable Women 3PennyThursdayMonthly Week 410:00amHistory
RummikubGrahamWednesdayweekly1:30pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
SScience and Technology 1GerardMondayMonthly Week 12:30pmScience, Technology And Computers
Science and Technology 2HilaryFridayMonthly Week 211:00amScience, Technology And Computers
Scrabble 1 (evening)JenniferMondayFortnightly7:30pmOutdoor & Active
Scrabble 2ValerieTuesdayweekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Scrabble 3MajorieTuesdayWeekly2.00pmOutdoor & Active
Shakespeare (Exploring) 1FlaviaThursdayWeekly 2 & 42:30pmEnglish Language & Literature
Shakespeare (Exploring) 2AubreyThursdayFortnightly2:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Shakespeare (Exploring) 3TBAMondayWeeks 1 & 33:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Shakespeare (Exploring) 4CarolineMondayWeeks 2 & 410:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Shakespeare (Exploring) 5MarshaWednesdayMonthly Week 211:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Singing for PleasureHazelWednesdayWeeks 1 & 310:00amCinema, Music And Theatre
SketchingStephanieWednesdayMonthlyamArts & Handicrafts
Smart Phones for Beginners 1ColinMondayweekly2.00pmScience, Technology And Computers
Smart Phones for Beginners 2ColinMondayweekly4.00pmScience, Technology And Computers
Spanish ConversationPaulFridayWeekly2:00pmForeign Languages
Spanish for Beginners 1ThereseThursdayWeeks 2 and 42.00 pmForeign Languages
Spanish for Beginners 2BrianTuesdayWeeks 2 and 410.30amForeign Languages
Spanish - Teach OurselvesAnnMondayWeeks 2 and 42.00 pmForeign Languages
Supported EatingMartha-AnneTuesdayMonthly Week 210:00amScience, Technology And Computers
TTable TennisChrisTuesdayweekly10:00amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 1FlaviaTuesdayWeekly (Term Time)10:00amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 2BarbaraWednesdayWeekly (Term Time)9.30amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 3 (Advanced)SueTuesdayweekly (Term Time)11.00amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 4FlaviaWednesdayweekly (Term Time)10.30amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 5FlaviaTuesdayWeekly (Term Time)12 noonOutdoor & Active
Tap DancingHazelMondayWeekly1:00pmOutdoor & Active
TennisPeterThursdayWeekly11.00amOutdoor & Active
Ten-Pin BowlingAngelaWednesdayFortnightly10:45amOutdoor & Active
Theoretical InvestmentColinMondayWeekly4.00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
TransportMartinWednesdayMonthly Week 110:30amHistory
UUkelele 1RalphWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Ukelele 2RalphThursdayMonthly Week 32:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
UpcyclingPennyThursdayMonthly Week 310:00amOutdoor & Active
WWalks All dayJenniferAs and whenWeekly As and WhenOutdoor & Active
Walks - MediumJohannaThursday Week 2 and 410:30amOutdoor & Active
Walks - Longer 2MaryWednesdayMonthly Week 110:30amOutdoor & Active
Walks - Longer 3KevinMondayMonthly usually Week 110:00amOutdoor & Active
Walks - ShortPennySundayFortnightly10:15amOutdoor & Active
Wine Appreciation 1LynneThursdayMonthly Last Week6:30pmSocial And Events
Wine Appreciation 2AlanWednesdayMonthly Week 36:30pmSocial And Events
World of Spirit - An EnquiryAubreyMondayMonthly Week 2 and 42.30pmDiscussion & Philosophy
World War IIMarionFridayMonthly last week11.00amHistory