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How to use the list of Groups for Tuesday


The list is in Alphabetical order by Group name. If you wish you can just browse through the list. Click Next at the bottom of the page to see the next section of the list.


The list can be searched by entering a keyword e.g History, Shakespeare, etc

Key:    D Dormant, Z  Zoom, O Outdoor, B Bridge software

Art Appreciation 2MaggyZTuesdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PM
Book Group 8DeniseZTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Book Group 9CeliaDTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Bowls OutdoorsMickDTuesdayWeekly2:00 PM
Bridge for BeginnersSue & JurekZ BTuesdayWeekly9:45 AM
Cinema AppreciationRosemaryZTuesdayMonthly3:00 PM
Current Affairs 4SandraZTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Current affairs 9DianeZTuesdayWeeks 1 &32:30 PM
CyclingPeterZTuesdayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AM
EgyptologyLornaZTuesdayMonthly Week 410:00 AM
Greek Classics in TranslationTanyaZTuesdayWeeks 1 &311:00 AM
History of Britain 1IanZTuesdayAlternate Weeks02:00 PM
History of London 1MickZTuesdayWeeks 1 &310:00 AM
Ipad Users SuzetteZTuesdayWeeks 1 & 310:15 AM
Italian for Beginners plus (Pre Intermediate)PhilippaZTuesdayWeeks 1 & 310:30 AM
Jewellery1LindaZTuesdayAlternate Weeks10:10 AM
Music Appreciation 1MichaelDTuesday
Music MasterclassRalphDTuesday
Pilates 3 DerekZTuesdayWeekly3:30 PM
Pilates 5 & 6Jo/SandraZMonday & TuesdayWeekly02:00 PM
Spanish IntermediateAileenZTuesdayWeekly10:30 AM
Supported Weight LossMartha-AnneZTuesdayMonthly10:30 AM
Tai Chi 1 & 3 AdvancedSueZTuesdayWeekly10:30 AM