List of Groups – Tuesday

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Antiques & Collectables 1JanetTuesdayMonthly1.30pmArts & Handicrafts
Art History 2MaggyTuesdayWeekly 2 & 42:00pmArts & Handicrafts
Book Group 8IngridTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Bowls - Indoors (Short Mat) 1JeffMonday and Tuesdayweekly3.15pm 7:30pmOutdoor & Active
Bowls - OutdoorsMickTuesdayWeeks (Summer)2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Bridge for BeginnersSueTuesdayweekly10:30amBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Cryptic CrosswordYvonneTuesdayMonthly Weeks 2 and 42.30pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Current Affairs 1SylviaTuesdayWeekly 2 & 410:30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 4SandraTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 9DianeTuesdayFortnightly10.30amDiscussion & Philosophy
CyclingPeterTuesdayWeeks 2 & 409:30amOutdoor & Active
EEgyptologyLornaTuesdayWeekly NOT Week 310:30amHistory
Fun and Games 2MarjorieTuesdayWeekly2.00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Gardening Visits 3RichardTuesdayMonthly Week 210:30amGardening
History of Britain 1IanTuesdayAlternate Weeks2:00pmHistory
History of London 1MikeTuesdayWeeks 1 & 32:30pmHistory
IIpad Users 1SuzetteTuesdayWeeks 1 & 311.00amScience, Technology And Computers
Italian for Beginners plus (Pre intermediate)PhilippaTuesdayWeeks 1& 311:00amForeign Languages
Line DancingLindaTuesdayWeekly1.30-3.00pmOutdoor & Active
London History Walks 3DannyTuesdayMonthly, Week 1amOutdoor & Active
Mah Jong 3PaulineTuesdayweekly2:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Music Appreciation 1MichaelTuesdayweekly10:30amCinema, Music And Theatre
Music MasterclassRalphUsually TuesdayWeekly As and WhenamCinema, Music And Theatre
Needlework 1MarionTuesdayMonthly Week 110:00amArts & Handicrafts
Pilates 3DerekTuesdayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 5JoTuesdayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 6SandraTuesdayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Scrabble 2ValerieTuesdayweekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Scrabble 3MajorieTuesdayWeekly2.00pmOutdoor & Active
Spanish for Beginners 2BrianTuesdayWeeks 2 and 410.30amForeign Languages
Supported EatingMartha-AnneTuesdayMonthly Week 210:00amScience, Technology And Computers
TTable TennisChrisTuesdayweekly10:00amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 1FlaviaTuesdayWeekly (Term Time)10:00amOutdoor & Active
Tai Chi 3 (Advanced)SueTuesdayweekly (Term Time)11.00amOutdoor & Active