How to use the list of Groups for Thursday

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Key:    D Dormant, Z  Zoom, O Outdoor, B Bridge software F Folded

Book Group 2MaryZThursdayCurrently every 3 weeks4:00 PMFull
European HistoryIvorZThursdayMonthly Week 12:00 PMFull
European History 2JudithZThursdayVacancies
Flower ArrangingAngelaDThursdayEvery 2 months2:00 PMFull
French Conversation 3DianaDThursday
French Conversation for beginnersJeffreyZThursdayWeekly11:00 AMVacancies
Fringe Theatre 8CharlotteZThursdayMonthly3:00 PMVacancies
German ConversationCharmianZThursdayWeekly except week 1Full
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZMonday and ThursdayWeekly
History of London 2MaggieFThursday
History of London 4PhilippaFThursday
History - MedievalMargaretZThursdayAlternate Weeks2:45 PMVacancies
History of Roman BritainJenniferDThursday
History, European 19th CenturyIvorZThursday
Italian ConversationJoFThursday
Italian for beginnersAgnesZThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PMFull
LatinSilvanaZThursdayWeekly12:00 PMVacancies
Modern Greek ConversationAnnZThursdayWeekly3:00 PMVacancies
Nature History GroupSylviaDThursday
Pilates 2LizZThursdayWeekly3:30 PMFull
Pilates 4LizZThursdayWeekly2:00 PMFull
Play Reading 3JennieZThursdayMonthly Week 31:30 PMFull
Poetry 2JohanneZThursdayMonthly Week 311:30 AMVacancies
PsychologyYvonneZThursdayMonthly Week 410:00 AMVacancies
Real Ale GroupJohnZThursdayMonthly Week 26:30 PMVacancies
Remarkable Women 3PennyZThursdayMonthly3:00 PMVacancies
Shakespeare Exploring 1FlaviaDThursday
Shakespeare Exploring 2AubreyFThursday
Spanish for Improvers 1ThereseZThursdayWeeks 2 & 42:00 PMFull
UpcyclingPennyZThursdayMonthly10:00 AMVacancies
Walks MediumJohannaOThursdayFortnightly10:30 AM
Wine Appreciation 1LynneZThursdayMonthly6:30 PMFull