List of Groups – Thursday

How to use the list of Groups for Thursday

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Alexander TechniqueJudyThursdayWeekly2pmOutdoor & Active
BBackgammonTonyThursdayFortnightly10:30amBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Book Group 2MaryThursdayMonthly Week 410:00amEnglish Language & Literature
CCanastaSheilaThursdayweekly1:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Current Affairs 3TrishaThursdayMonthly Week 42:30pmDiscussion & Philosophy
Current Affairs 8ShirleyThursdayMonthly10.30amDiscussion & Philosophy
French ChansonIanThursdayFortnightly2.30 pmCinema, Music And Theatre
French Conversation 3DianeThursdayAlternate Weeks2:00pmForeign Languages
French Conversation 4RolandThursdayweekly10:00amForeign Languages
Fringe Theatre 8CharlotteThursdayMonthly Week 3 As and When2.00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
German ConversationCharmianThursdayWeekly (Not week 1)10.00amForeign Languages
Greek - ClassicalThursdayweekly10:30amForeign Languages
History - European 19th Century 1IvorThursdayMonthly Week 12:00pmHistory
History - MedievalMargaretThursdayMonthly Week 21:30pmHistory
History of London 2MaggieThursdayMonthly Week 311:00amHistory
History of London 4PhilippaThursdayMonthly Week 210:30amHistory
History of Roman BritainJenniferThursdayMonthly Week 311:00amHistory
Italian for BeginnersAgnesThursdayWeeks 1& 32:00pmForeign Languages
Italian ConversationJoThursdayWeekly 2 & 42:00pmForeign Languages
Jewellery Making 1LindaThursdayFortnightly9.30 amArts & Handicrafts
LLatin (GCSE & Above)SilvanaThursdayWeekly4.00pmForeign Languages
Learning to Draw & PaintJanetThursdayFortnightly!0:30amArts & Handicrafts
Listening to Musicals and OperettasJenniferThursdayMonthly Week 43:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
London History Walks 2Martha-AnneThursdayMonthlyamOutdoor & Active
Mah Jong 2PaulineThursdayweekly2:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Mah Jong 4PaulineThursdayweekly2:00-4:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Mah Jong 5PaulineThursdayweekly2:00-4:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
NNature History WalksSylviaThursdayMonthly Week 310:00amOutdoor & Active
Pilates 2LizThursdayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Pilates 4LizThursdayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Play Reading 3Jennie and EileenThursdayMonthly Week 31.45pmEnglish Language & Literature
Poetry Reading 2JohannaThursdayWeek 311:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Real Ale Group (RAG)JohnThursdayMonthly Week 26:30pmSocial And Events
Remarkable Women 3PennyThursdayMonthly Week 410:00amHistory
Shakespeare (Exploring) 1FlaviaThursdayWeekly 2 & 42:30pmEnglish Language & Literature
Shakespeare (Exploring) 2AubreyThursdayFortnightly2:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Spanish for Beginners 1ThereseThursdayWeeks 2 and 42.00 pmForeign Languages
TennisPeterThursdayWeekly11.00amOutdoor & Active
Ukelele 2RalphThursdayMonthly Week 32:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
UpcyclingPennyThursdayMonthly Week 310:00amOutdoor & Active
Walks - MediumJohannaThursdayMonthly Week 2 and 410:30amOutdoor & Active
Wine Appreciation 1LynneThursdayMonthly Last Week6:30pmSocial And Events