List of Groups – Music And Theatre

Music And Theatre Groups


Concert GoersMartha-AnneAs and whenWeekly As and WhenMusic And Theatre
French ChansonIanThursdayFortnightly2.30 pmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 1RuthSaturdayMonthly Week 1pmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 2PeterWednesdayAs and WhenpmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 3SueSaturdayMonthly Week 3pmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 4 SaturdayweeklypmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 6PatriciaWednesdayWeekly As and Whenpm/eveMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 7ValMonthly As and WhenpmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre 8CharlotteThursdayMonthly Week 3 As and When2.00pmMusic And Theatre
Fringe Theatre (mainly) 1
MaureenAs and whenWeekly As and WhenMusic And Theatre
Guitar GroupCarolynWednesdayFortnightly4:00pmMusic And Theatre
JJazz AppreciationMalkaMondayFortnightly2:00pmMusic And Theatre
Listening to Musicals and OperettasJenniferThursdayMonthly Week 43:00pmMusic And Theatre
Music Appreciation 1MichaelTuesdayweekly10:30amMusic And Theatre
Music Appreciation 2SandraMondayFortnightly2:00pmMusic And Theatre
Music Appreciation 3DerekMondayFortnightly2:00pmMusic And Theatre
Music MasterclassRalphUsually TuesdayWeekly As and WhenamMusic And Theatre
Piano PlayingKeithWednesdayWeekly2.30pmMusic And Theatre
Singing for PleasureHazelWednesdayWeeks 1 & 310:00amMusic And Theatre
UUkelele 1RalphWednesdayMonthly Week 310:00pmMusic And Theatre
Ukelele 2RalphThursdayMonthly Week 32:00pmMusic And Theatre

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