List of Groups – Monday

How to use the list of Groups for Monday


The list is in Alphabetical order by Group name. If you wish you can just browse through the list. Click Next at the bottom of the page to see the next section of the list.


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AAerobics (Low Impact)LindaMondayWeekly2pmOutdoor & Active
Art History and Appreciation 3SusanMondayMonthly Week 310:30amArts & Handicrafts
Art History and Appreciation 4PeterMondayWeekly 2 & 4pmArts & Handicrafts
Balance and Coordination 1AnnaMondayWeekly2:00pmOutdoor & Active
Book Group 3KatharineMondayMonthly Week 210:30amEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 4ShirleyMondayMonthly Week 12:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Book Group 7HelenMondayMonthly Week 42:30pmEnglish Language & Literature
Bowls - Indoors (Short Mat) 1JeffMonday and Tuesdayweekly3.15pm 7:30pmOutdoor & Active
Bowls - Indoors (Short Mat) 2JeffMonday and Fridayweekly2.00pm 7:00pmOutdoor & Active
Creative Writing 1JeanMondayMonthly Week 310:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Creative Writing 2JeanMondayMonthly Week 33:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Creative Writing for Beginners and NewcomersJeanMondayMonthly Week 13:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Cross StitchIreneMondayMonthly2.00pmArts & Handicrafts
Digital Photography 2SueMondayWeeks 2 & 410:30amScience, Technology And Computers
Digital Photography - EditingSueMondayMonthly Week 110:00amScience, Technology And Computers
French Literature (Reading)DebbieMondayAlternate Weeks2:00pmForeign Languages
GGardening Visits 1ClaireMondayMonthly10:30amGardening
German - Intermediate 1GreteMondayweekly10:30amForeign Languages
Greek Conversation Modern (basic level)AnnMondayWeeks 2 & 411:00amForeign Languages
History - Local 2AverillMondayMonthly Week 211:00amHistory
Ipad Users 2SueMondayMonthly Week 310.30amScience, Technology And Computers
Italian Conversation Intermediate/Advanced ASilvanaMondayWeekly10.00amForeign Languages
Italian Conversation Intermediate/Advanced BSilvanaMondayWeekly11.00amForeign Languages
JJazz AppreciationMalkaMondayFortnightly2:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
MMah Jong 1PaulineMondayweekly2:00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Members on their Own (MOTO)JoyceMondayWeeks 1 & 310:30amSocial And Events
Music Appreciation 2SandraMondayFortnightly2:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Music Appreciation 3DerekMondayFortnightly2:00pmCinema, Music And Theatre
Needlework 3IreneMondayMonthly Week 42:00pmArts & Handicrafts
PPhilosophyStuartMondayWeeks 1 & 310.30amDiscussion & Philosophy
Phoenix CinemaSueMondayweeklyVariesEnglish Language & Literature
Pilates 1LeonMondayWeekly3:30pmOutdoor & Active
Play Reading 2RuthMondayMonthly Week 210:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Play Reading 4HenryMondayMonthly Last WeekEnglish Language & Literature
Poetry Reading 1ElizabethMondayWeekly 2 & 42:30pmEnglish Language & Literature
RReading AloudRuthMondayFortnightly10/12 noonEnglish Language & Literature
Remarkable Women 1PaulineMondayWeeks 1 & 310:00amHistory
SScience and Technology 1GerardMondayMonthly Week 12:30pmScience, Technology And Computers
Scrabble 1 (evening)JenniferMondayFortnightly7:30pmOutdoor & Active
Shakespeare (Exploring) 3TBAMondayWeeks 1 & 33:00pmEnglish Language & Literature
Shakespeare (Exploring) 4CarolineMondayWeeks 2 & 410:00amEnglish Language & Literature
Smart Phones for Beginners 1ColinMondayweekly2.00pmScience, Technology And Computers
Smart Phones for Beginners 2ColinMondayweekly4.00pmScience, Technology And Computers
Spanish - Teach OurselvesAnnMondayWeeks 2 and 42.00 pmForeign Languages
Tap DancingHazelMondayWeekly1:00pmOutdoor & Active
Theoretical InvestmentColinMondayWeekly4.00pmBoard Games, Card Games & Puzzles
Walks - Longer 3KevinMondayMonthly usually Week 110:00amOutdoor & Active
World of Spirit - An EnquiryAubreyMondayMonthly Week 2 and 42.30pmDiscussion & Philosophy