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How to use the list of Groups for Monday


The list is in Alphabetical order by Group name. If you wish you can just browse through the list. Click Next at the bottom of the page to see the next section of the list.


The list can be searched by entering a keyword e.g History, Shakespeare, etc

Key:    D Dormant, Z  Zoom, O Outdoor, B Bridge software F Folded

Aerobics (Low Impact)LindaZMondayWeekly2:00 PM
Art History & Appreciation 3SusanZMondayMonthly Week 310:30 AM
Art History & Appreciation 4PeterZMondayWeeks 2 & 4
Book Group 3KatharineZMondayMonthly Week 210:30 AM
Book Group 4ShirleyFMonday
Book Group 7HelenZMonday2:00 PM
Creative Writing 1GrahamDMondayMonthly Week 33:00 PM
Creative Writing 2JanetZMondayMonthly Week 33:00 PM
Decorating for ChristmasAverillZMondayAs and When3:00 PM
Digital Photography 2 & EditingSueZMondayWeeks 2 & 410:30 AM
French for beginnersJeffreyZMondayWeekly1:00 PM
Greek ClassicalGerryZMondayWeekly11:30 AM
Greek Conversation (Modern)AnnZMonday and ThursdayWeekly03:00 PM
iPad User Group 2SueZMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AM
Italian Higher IntermediateSilvanaZMondayWeekly12:00 PM
Italian Lower Intermediate 1SilvanaZMondayWeekly9:30 AM
Italian Lower Intermediate 2SilvanaZMondayWeekly1:00 PM
Jazz AppreciationMalkaDMondayBy email every Monday10:00 AM
Line DancingLindaZMondayWeekly2:00 PM
Mahjong 1AngelaDMonday
Members on their own (MOTO)JoyceZMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AM
Music Appreciation 3DerekZMondayFortnightly2:00 PM
Music Appreciation 2SandraZMondayFortnightly02:00 PM
Needlework 3IreneFMonday
PhilosophyStuartZMondayWeeks 1 &310:30 AM
Phoenix CinemaSueDMonday
Pilates 1LeonZMondayWeekly3:00 PM
Pilates 5 & 6Jo/SandraZMonday & TuesdayWeekly02:00 PM
Play Reading 2RuthZMondayMonthly Week 210:00 AM
Play Reading 4HenryDMonday
Poetry Reading 1ElizabethZMondayWeeks 2 & 42:30 PM
Reading AloudRuthDMonday
Remarkable Women 1PaulineZMondayWeeks 1 &311:00 AM
Scrabble 1 (Evening)JenniferDMonday
Shakespeare 4CarolineZMondayWeeks 2 & 410:00 AM
Theoretical InvestmentColinDMonday
Walks - Longer 3KevinOMondayMonthly10:00 AM