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Group Description

We meet twice a month: week 1 (afternoon) for a talk and week 3 (morning) for a visit/walk related to the talk two weeks earlier (except in the summer when we are out and about all the time). The group looks at aspects of London History in a variety of ways – by talks, walks, museum visits, boat trips, etc.
All members are expected to take part – either by giving talks and/or guided walks or arranging visits.

Coordinator Contact(s)Mick O'Reilly (0208 449 6442) mike.mikeoreilly@gmail.com
Venue TalksWesley Hall
Near the Spires
Days and TimesTuesday 14.30-16.30
FrequencyTwice monthly: week 1 (Wesley Hall as above), week 3 walk or visit in the morning
Cost~£10 (To hire Wesley Hall ). Sometimes visits have costs
Are there any Vacancies in the Group?Yes

Where we meet – Wesley Hall


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